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The National Bowling Association, Inc. (TNBA) is a major governing body for amateur bowling in the United States. This organization was founded in 1939, by African Americans, and opens its doors to all bowlers regardless of their ethnic background; for the enjoyment of ten pin competition on a National and Regional scale. TNBA’s membership stretches from coast-to-coast with a growing population of adult and youth bowlers residing in the Eastern, Western, Central and Southern regions of the United States. TNBA is ALIVE thanks to our members and sponsorships from our industry partners, USBC & HAMMER. Together, we will continue to offer National and Regional Tournaments; as well as programs designed to attract men, women and youth bowlers in an organized, yet exciting, social environment for bowling competition.
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The Mission of the TNBA Elm City Senate is to promote Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship in a Fun atmosphere, while maintaining excellent moral character in a highly competitive bowling environment.

TNBA Elm City Senate Officers
Mack Jones/President
Ed Hines/Vice President
Sheryl Ravenell/Sec-Treasurer

Happy 35th Anniversary to the Elm City Senate!

Elm City Senate Bowlers 20 years +

Row 1--Marion Garrett, Babe Riles, Bobby Brown, Debbie Carney, Bill Carney
Row 2--Mack Jones, Dave Elliott, Leroy Owens Jr., Angel Diggs, Tony Walters
Barry Diggs, Ed Hines and John McNeill

Leadership is everything!

Row1- Leroy Owens Jr., League Sec/Tres., Sheryl Ravenell, TNBA Sec/Tres.
Herb Barrett Leauge VP,

Row 2-Barry Diggs, orignal member, Mack Jones,TNBA Pres & orginal member,
Angel Diggs, original member, Loretta Bellamy,League Pres.,
Ed Hines TNBA VP, Sean Leak, League Sarge


Currently, the Elm City Senate holds 150+ memberships from the following Leagues:

The Barbara Fox Classic League--Wallingford Bowl
The Black Bar League--Amity Family Bowl
Fairlanes Best--AMF Milford Lanes


The TNBA is sponsored by


TNBA Arson Low Flare

Arson Low Flare is bringing it straight at tough tournament lane conditions with its own reaction shape—a shape never before seen in the Hammer family.

Born when nearly all existing differential was ripped from the Arson core, leaving a lean, low RG/low differential, the Low Flare is perfect for conditions so dry the pins beg for mercy






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